Monday, September 15, 2014

External Verification at CSD Interior Design & Art Training Academy 出席室内设计科同学毕业报告审核会

The main aim of the courses are to develop students with the capability of making decisive solutions that Interior Designers encounted with. They will be educated as technical as well as practical in interior designs. Students will be working on individual projects to enrich their creativity through theories and designs concept. Upon completion of these courses, students will have the ability and confidence to face challenges in the Interior Designer career .
室内设计技术:课程着重于技术与实践教导,培养学生有能力面对及解决每一个问题。通过室内设计之技术与设计上的概念,加强并提升学员的创造力。 毕业后,作为一个专业的室内设计技术师,绝对有能力和信心去面对每一项的工作挑战.