Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One of the excellent affiliated centre in Bakery & Culinary industry 大学旗下的其中一间卓越的烘培烹饪学院,院长和老师同学先后荣获多项国际奖项。

Eddie Choong is an outstanding chef in the baking industry with a collection of medals won at national and international baking competitions for several years.Although he has won a lot of awards in the competition, he never stops upgrading himself and keeps searching new theoretical skill with his vast experience.

Monday, September 15, 2014

External Verification at CSD Interior Design & Art Training Academy 出席室内设计科同学毕业报告审核会

The main aim of the courses are to develop students with the capability of making decisive solutions that Interior Designers encounted with. They will be educated as technical as well as practical in interior designs. Students will be working on individual projects to enrich their creativity through theories and designs concept. Upon completion of these courses, students will have the ability and confidence to face challenges in the Interior Designer career .
室内设计技术:课程着重于技术与实践教导,培养学生有能力面对及解决每一个问题。通过室内设计之技术与设计上的概念,加强并提升学员的创造力。 毕业后,作为一个专业的室内设计技术师,绝对有能力和信心去面对每一项的工作挑战.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New GULL Affiliated Centre - Harold's Academy 拥有逾四十间糕点及面包旗舰店的集团,加入成为GULL大学,设立了专业烹饪培训学院。

“Harold's Academy(Touch D'Art of Pastry)” is one of the few baking colleges offering a proper and practical education. With a partnering Bakery & Cafe just below the academy, students get more exposure and real-life experiences as it operates alongside the academy preparing students with the skill as well as the knowledge of this field as they start their careers.““Harold's Academy(Touch D'Art of Pastry)” 是为数不多中提供适当和实用的教育的烘焙学院之一。伴随着与位于学院正下方的烘培坊的合作,学生将获得更多的与现实生活中关联的经验。随着它的运作,学院能更好培养学生的技能,以及该领域的知识,让他们开始自己的职业生涯

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

GULL community project--Marginal Youth from House of Joy, Puchong received Level One certificates in various fields.

             The aim of House of Joy is to reach out to these needy people, to develop a real sense of worth and a change for the betterment amongst children, teenagers and the elderly. We hope that by loving, caring, counselling, educating, training and transforming through restoration will help this needy especially children and teenagers into useful adults, ready to face life’s challenges.

Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 GULL Malaysia Annual Graduation Ceremony 马来西亚区毕业典礼

GULL’s progress in SE Asia is reflected in the year on year growth of the annual graduation event in Malaysia, held this year in the ballroom, Vivatel, Kuala Lumpur. Here, participants from a range of industries supported by family, friends and GULL Associate Centre leaders confirmed the value of GULL’s professional approach to workplace action learning.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

专业烘培生、毕业大比拼。GULL Affiliated Centre--Chef Eddie Chong Bakery & Culinary Academy

Eddie Choong认为烘焙业还有很大的发展潜能,若能发扬本土烘焙技艺,让这行业更多精英百花齐放,本土烘焙业必能走出自己的路。于是他依据多年的烘焙实战经验,决定开班授课,让更多有志之士学习正规烘焙技艺。